What's up party people?

So the ending of the semester is coming. But before the exams start there is still time for the most important week in Porto’s students lives! You might have heard about it by now… If not, we are talking about “Queima das Fitas”. This is the week where we take a break from college and celebrate with the students who are finishing their degree.
And what is “Queima”? Well, during this week the Academic Federation of Porto (FAP) organizes a festival in Matosinhos, right next to the beach (don´t worry, there are direct free shuttles to “Queima”) just for the students. It has concerts, amusement rides and just about 100 bars (the “barraquinhas”) all of them owned by students! “#ErasmusAddicted” is the one you want to find!
And you probaly guessed it by now, we are going to have our very own stand specially for all of you. It is called “#ErasmusAddicted” and this is the stand you can´t miss. This is the place where you are always welcome and we will have special challenges, and surprises just for Erasmus students. So make sure you don´t miss the best week in Porto´s academic life and join us there! We will be waiting for you!

What: Queima das Fitas

When: 4th of may (00am - 6am) l from 5th to 11th of may (22pm - 6am)

Where: Queimódromo (map here)



The tickets to the event have to be bought to FAP or any other FAP selling points. 

For more informations about the event and ticket prices check here: https://www.fap.pt/noticias/bilhetes-online-disponiveis-para-queima-das-fitas-do-porto-2019
Stay tuned for more information and check our Facebook event (https://www.facebook.com/events/819780971727241/) to know all the details!
Your wildest friends,

ESN Porto