Hey there Party Animals!
Have you been wondering how you can let go out your inner self in a way of releasing the stress of the semester? Well, we have the perfect party for you! Get ready for Shining Nights, UNICORNS OUT!
We totally understand how difficult being a person can be… So, we give you the chance to be a UNICORN! 
We want you to let out your inner self! We want to see happiness and freedom on your faces, without any concerns. Can you imagine that? Shining bright like... Guess what! A unicorn!!
Create your own expectations and let your imagination flow!
This party will combine the cool and free spirit from the 90’s with the passionate style of the pink unicorn world. You can expect lots of surprises, starting with amazing colourful jelly shots and finishing with tons of glitter!
Spread your magic and all of your SHINING power in this night because... UNICORNS ARE OUT!
What: Shining nights, Unicorns out party!
When: Wednesday, 4th of December
Where: Boite (map here)
Price: Free!
What to bring: ESNcard
Drink Prices:
~Spirits 4€
~Beer 2€
~Shots 2.5€
~Service Bottle 70€
~Private with 2 Service Bottles 200€
~Private with 2 Premium Bottles 250€
Note: Due to the conditions and activities included, this event is not (fully) accessible to people with reduced mobility. 
This is a private party and the right of admission is reserved to ESN Porto.
Your fabulous friends,
ESN Porto