Hello beautiful people,

You’ve tried our food, you’ve seen our culture, you had a magical evening during the Portuguese Night, and now it’s your time to shine! Join us for an amazing…


Tuesday, 23rd of October, 20h30 @Villa

Curious enough for now? So let us show you how it works: You cook a traditional dish from your country/ city for up 10/15 people, so everyone can have a taste, and of course you can also bring (must cough cough) a traditional drink from your country!

Sounds easy enough right?

After everyone is settled our amazing judges, will choose the best salty, sweet and main dish and these cooks will receive awesome prizes (Did someone say trip?)! And that’s not all we’ll also have a prize for the Best Country and you are the one who will choose which one it is! Everyone will receive a little paper that you’ll use to vote for your favourite dish (you can’t vote on your own country of course, because everyone knows it will be your favourite).

This time we are taking this dinner to another level! You can also prepare a performance from your own country, (a dance, a song, play)  this is totally optional but it would make the night more fun :D

And don’t forget to show your country: bring flags, traditional clothing, use your country colours everything is allowed! Do you think you’re going to be the winner?

So what are you waiting for? Fill out this FORM so we know you are coming and what delicious food are you bringing (you’ll also have a spot to add songs from your country so we can create a playlist for the night)!

P.S.: We are still bringing some food because we are Portuguese and can’t help ourselves, but this is your night to impress your friends!

When: 23rd of October at 20h00

Where: Villa Club (map here)

Price: Free! (Just bring something delicious!)

What to bring: Yummy food from your country and your ESNcard

Your food lovers friends,

ESN Porto