• Free ESNcard;
  • 30% off the Booking Fee;
  • 1 Algarve Trip & Free 6th Month (if you're one of the first 50 Erasmus to book a room)
  • 50% off InPerson visits and Live calls;
  • 10% off the Booking Fee
  • 25% off the Booking Fee



Tips to find accommodation in Porto:

  1. Renting houses in downtown Porto becomes cheaper. Most  Erasmus parties and bars are located there, generally, Erasmus students choose this area to live.
  2. Prices vary depending on the place and conditions of the house: 200€-300€ are the “regular” prices for a room in Porto.
  3. Usually, renting prices don’t include gas, electricity or internet.You should clarify with your landlord what exactly you are paying for.
  4. It takes 2-3 days to find a house.
  5. Most landlords won't ask you to sign a contract
  6. It’s common for Portuguese landlords to ask for 2 month’s rent in advance, the standard is one month, some will also ask you for a deposit that will be returned if you don't damage to the house
  7. You shouldn't arrive without temporary accommodation. ESN has partnerships with some hostels in order to help you in the first few days or weeks in Porto, such as Nice way Hostel


Where should I rent a house if I want to live in the city center?

The city center of Porto is small area and you can easily walk in this area. The central areas are really walkable and you also have a good transportation, for example from FLUP or FAUP to the center will take around 20 minutes by foot. The same thing happen from Marquês, Bonfim or Campo 24 de Agosto (see “Central Areas”). However, if you find a house out of the city center, you may have to take the bus or metro to go to the city center (see more about transportation HERE)


Additional Information:

Facebook group



Other Platforms


http://www.bquarto.pt/porto/quarto_porto (Requires registration)





http://www.easyquarto.com.pt/ (login required - you can do it with Facebook)

http://www.spru.pt/ (Private students residence)







When you arrive in porto:

Normally faculties have a wall where students post adds for houses up for rent near that faculty, so you should also try to go to your student association.


What can ESN do to help you?

We understand that your Portuguese isn’t the best upon your arrival and some landlords don’t speak English, so if you’re having communication issues, you can always pass by the ESN office and we’ll contact them for you. Also if you've already found a place but need someone to share the house with, leave your contact at our office and we’ll help you  find someone.


If you have any doubts or questions don't hesitate to contact us, we will try our best to help you.

Send us an email to info@esnporto.org

Meet us at ESN Porto Office - Praça Gomes Teixeira, 5th floor, room 500 (map here)