Today the Government announced that we are moving from Contingency State to the State of Calamity. It will start on the 15th of October, at midnight, for the entire continental territory (island exempt). For now, we don´t know how long will this new state will last, we can only affirm that the rules below will apply until the government says otherwise. The meetings about these matters are held by the government every 15 days, so in the next 15 days, if this changes, we will let you know. Some more rules are added to the State of Contingency, that we all MUST follow:


- Prohibition of gatherings of more than five people;

- Limitation of events of family nature (such as weddings and baptisms) to a maximum of 50 participants with an obligation to comply with DGS rules;

- Prohibition of all academic celebrations and freshman reception ceremonies and other types of celebrations with gatherings (in universities and polytechnics);

- Reinforcement of security in order to ensure compliance with the rules both on public roads and in malls and restaurants;

- Increase of up to 10 thousand euros as fines applicable to people - commercial and catering specifically- that do not ensure scrupulous compliance with the current rules on occupancy and social distance;



- Mandatory use of mask on public roads 

- Mandatory use of the app StayAway Covid at work, schools and universities, in the set of Public Administration and security forces.


We are available to answer any questions that you may have on our social media and platforms.


 With love,

ESN Porto!