Olá new Erasmus friends! Welcome to the best city in the world 

Porto's winter is colder than you expected? We will warm you up with the Welcome Month, and for sure you don't want to miss it! Mark on your calendar: from February 4th till March 4th you'll be busy with all of our activities, trips and your new Erasmus friends!
Wondering what are we talking about? You'll be able to check the full Programme very soon!

Some activities are for free, and you just need to register in our website. Some others require a ticket that you can buy at our ESN Office, in Reitoria da Universidade do Porto (map here). From January 28th, it will be open every week day from 2.30pm to 6pm.

To participate in our events, parties and trips, you must have an ESNcard. It only costs 10€ and it's valid for 1 year. It also allows you to benefit from national and international discounts with our partners. To get your ESNcard, you should go to our office, and bring a photo of yourself (passport type).

Ready for the beginning of your Erasmus adventure? You will get #ErasmusAddicted with #ESNPorto 

Note: all the events are non-profit and organised by local students all around Europe.

Date Event Price Link
04/02 City Tour & Sunset Drinking Games Free http://esnporto.org/?q=events/city-tour-fev19
06/02 Meeting Point Free http://esnporto.org/?q=events/meeting-point-fev19
Welcome Party @Villa Club Free http://esnporto.org/?q=welcome-party-fev-19
07/02 AfroLatin Dances Workshop @ ALC Studios Free http://esnporto.org/?q=events/alc-dance-fev19
08/02 Clérigos Tower and Centro Português de Fotografia 3.5€ http://esnporto.org/?q=clerigos-cpf-fev-19
10/02 Cultural Sunday Free http://esnporto.org/?q=events/cultural-sunday-fev19
11/02 Ribeira Night + Meet your ESNers Free http://esnporto.org/?q=ribeira-night-meet-your-esners-fev19
12/02 Animals Open Day @Associação Senhores Bichinhos Free http://esnporto.org/?q=animals-open-day-fev-19
13/02 Welcome Dinner with Buddies 8 http://esnporto.org/?q=welcome-dinner-with-buddies-fev19
Graffiti Party @ Villa Club Free http://esnporto.org/?q=graffiti-party-fev19
14/02 Speed Meeting with Buddies Free http://esnporto.org/?q=events/speed-meeting-fev19
15/02 Playing with the Kids 5€ http://esnporto.org/?q=events/playing-kids-fev19
16/02 Trip to Coimbra 22€ http://esnporto.org/?q=events/trip-coimbra-fev19
Train Party 7€ http://esnporto.org/?q=events/train-party-fev19
18/02 Volunteering with the elderly Open Day @Centro de dia do Bonfim Free http://esnporto.org/?q=events/volunteering-elderly-fev19
19/02 Tandem with Buddies @ Fábrica Nortada Free http://esnporto.org/?q=tandem-with-buddies-fev19
20/02 Welcome Pubcrawl 5 http://esnporto.org/?q=welcome-pubcrawl-fev19
Glow Party @Villa Club Free http://esnporto.org/?q=glow-party-fev19
21/02 Fado & Tapas Night @ Adega Figueiroa 7 http://esnporto.org/?q=fado-tapas-night-fev19
22/02 Gym Open Day @ Bom Sucesso Health Club Free http://esnporto.org/?q=events/gym-open-day-fev19
23/02 Integration Trip 45 http://esnporto.org/?q=integration-trip-fev19
Find Your Match Party Free http://esnporto.org/?q=find-your-match-fev19
25/02 Tascas Route 13€ http://esnporto.org/?q=events/tascas-route-fev19
26/02 Lindy Hop Open Class @ Bota Swing Free http://esnporto.org/?q=lindy-hop-open-class-fev19
27/02 Portuguese Night Free http://esnporto.org/?q=portuguese-night-fev19
28/02 Wine Cellars & Boat Trip 13 http://esnporto.org/?q=wine-cellars-boat-trip-fev19
02/03 Trip to Aveiro 17 http://esnporto.org/?q=trip-to-aveiro-fev19
03/03 Surf Open Day @ Flower Power Surf School Free http://esnporto.org/?q=surf-open-day-mar19
04/03 Carnival Party Pre-Sale: 4€ http://esnporto.org/?q=events/carnival-party-wonderland