Hey hey, new Erasmus friends!


Welcome to Porto, the city you’re about to fall in love with :p Since you’re just starting to get to know the coolest Portuguese city and we’re here to give you a hand, we came up with some great plans:


City Tour with Flag Parade

& Sunset Drinking Games @JardimDoMorro

Meeting point: 2:45 pm, 9th February @Reitoria


So you're new to Porto and didn't have time to discover the city yet? Worry no more because you're not alone! We got you a kickass English-speaking guide to tell you all about the main city spots, buildings, tales and history ;)


While walking through the magical streets of Porto, we'll also be doing a flag parade! Bring your country’s flag to represent it, wear your national colors, bring your best accessories and let's make an international party for everybody!


We'll all meet in front of the Reitoria building (MAP) at 2:45 pm and take it from there (the tour will take approximately 2h00).


But because taking a tour with a flag parade is not enough and we know that you’re dying to get to know everyone, we’ll wrap up our afternoon with a chillaxing dance class provided by Bota Swing… Side-to-side with the coolest ice breaking drinking games in a spot that has the beeest view over Porto!

We’ll fill you up some glasses, but don’t forget to bring your own drinks so we can keep rocking that sunset !


This is the beginning of your Erasmus life so... don't think twice! Come to our Office and sign up for the city tour, dance class, drinking games, new friends and fun!



Price: 3€


Registrations: Start on Monday, 22nd January @ESN Office.


What’s included?

City tour with a proper guide

Free dancing class @Jardim do Morro (from Bota Swing)

Fun ice breaking drinking games @Jardim do Morro

SOME drinks for the drinking games


Where will we meet? Here, at Reitoria, at 2:45 pm.



Important info:

- We will provide some drinks for the drinking games, but you should bring your own drinks too! Please avoid glass bottles.


- Even if you didn’t have the opportunity to join the city tour, feel free to join us for the dance class and drinking games afterwards! We will make a post on our Facebook group once we’re there, or just contact one of the team members!


To participate in ESN activities, you must buy an ESNcard, at the ESN Porto office (map here). It will cost you 10€, it is valid for one year and allows you to benefit from lots of national and international discounts with our partners. You must bring a photo of yourself (passport type) when you come to the office to buy your card.


Note: This activity is recommended for people with disabilities, even though there might be some difficulties to the route (since Porto is all up and down).


Can’t wait to see you there!


Your friends,


ESN Porto

Hey hey, new Erasmus friends!


09/02/2018 - 14:45
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