Country Date
Portugal 26th of September
Germany, Belgium, Mexico 10th of October
Spain, Turkey, Slovakia 24th of October






Organizational stuff

  • The presentations take place on Tuesday (every two weeks) at 7 pm. (taste of local dishes starts from 6.40pm)
  • Where? Amphitheatre 2 at ICBAS (map).
  • Are you presenting? Come at 6 pm - to prepare everything so that we can start on time at 7 pm.
  • How long is the presentation? 15 to 20 minutes long (you will lose points if your presentation is longer than this)
  • Do you have material to project? Bring USB Flash Drive, portable hard drive or send it to our email (
  • Do you wanna show your typical food? Bring some food or drinks. We will give you a small amount of money to cover your costs (10€). For the refund come to our office during opening hours, no later than 2 weeks after your presentation!

ESN Porto will remind you on your presentation on Facebook. Besides that, the schedule of presentations is at this website.

Useful tips

  • You are not preparing the presentation for your parents, teachers or for random people but for Erasmus Students!
  • Students love fun and they are always full of ideas.
  • Think of what would amaze you and what really interesting stuff your country could offer to you.
  • Don’t hesitate to use all media available - power point presentation, Prezi, photo presentation, a short movie (not downloaded but created by yourselves – use pics of short videos) or even something new and unusual.
  • You can also prepare games or quizzes.
  • Bring some music of your country and you can see the others dancing.
  • Bring some typical food and make them drool.
  • Check if you can open your presentation in Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Word..), Windows Media Player (.avi or .wma files) or web browser (Internet Explorer). Or even send it to us (email address below) some time before and make it our responsibility.

Do you need some help?
Send us an email

Contest rules

  • The best presentation will get an awesome prize – 5 bottles of Port wine.
  • Can't your country participate on the day we schedule? You should let us know as soon as possible, and we’ll schedule another date.
  • Where can you see the country presentations after happening? We’ll upload all the presentations on Youtube. You will be able to vote at the end of the semester.
  • ESN Porto is going to be part of the evaluation.


  • Each presentation is supposed to be around 15-20 minutes long. If it is longer than this 1 point will be deducted.
  • We are looking for interesting things that nobody knows.
  • The more things you have composed by yourselves, the more points you’ll gain. Make it diverse!
  • People love to eat if you give us some tasty food everyone we’ll be generous evaluating you.
  • Make the others laugh and applause. They will remember you!!