Hey there Sherlocks!

Sick of the same old cinema nights?Eager for some adventure and new experiences with your friends? Maybe you are looking for something new… out of the box? Wait no more… this time your ESN friends bring you:


23rd MAY 

The goal is simple: escape the room in less than 60 minutes. To achieve it you’ll have to work as a team to search for clues, solve riddles and open the passages that will lead to your escape! For this you’ll have to pay close attention to coincidences, connect the dots and solve the mysteries. Forget computer games and virtual environments. This is for real!

Join us and try your best to escape from an interactive challenge, full of suspense and mystery!

There will be 3 different time schedules to choose from and you should mention your preference upon registration:

  • 15h30 (meeting point at Reitoria: 15h10)
  • 18h30 (meeting point at Reitoria: 18h10)
  • 21h30 (meeting point at Reitoria: 21h10)

Think you can do it? Elementary, My Dear Watson!!

Price: 7€

Registrations: At the ESN office, starting on Monday, 15th May. You can register as many friends as you want, as long as you know their ESNcard numbers and pay their fee.

Meeting Point: In front of Reitoria building.

Your friends,
ESN Porto