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Hey guys!

We’re at the end of this welcome month and we hope that by now you've made some really big friends, had the craziest nights and discovered this amazing and beautiful city of ours.

However, we guess there are still some questions left unanswered and some mysteries to unravel. That's why we're sending you on a journey through some of Porto's traditional spots and some others not quite so popular. Join us at the...

City Rally
1st of October at 5pm @ Praça dos Leões

This activity does NOT need registration (because it is totally FREE) but please fill this FORM in order for us to know how many crazy people we can count on!

You’ll be organized into teams but you can bring your friends and make a team yourselves. Each team will need a phone with Internet access and with WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram installed. So if you don’t have Internet yet, make sure to activate your WTF SIM card (which gives you limitless access to those apps) and bring your phone!

The sidewalks and streets may not have the best conditions, but we can lend you a hand! People with reduced mobility are more than welcome!

Also don't forget your energy, your spirit for adventure and your curiosity at home and also bring your camera for some really nice shots and also your best sneakers!

Hope we see all of you there!

Your friends,
ESN Porto

01/10/2017 - 17:00