Hello everyone!

What do you think about meeting a culture in a few minutes? What if we tell that you can do it in a funny, entertaining and interactive way with your best friends from all over world?


So.......Every two weeks, on Tuesday evening, you’ll have the opportunity to get to learn about new countries, discover their cultures, habits, and maybe their delicious food and beverages. Besides, you'll have a fantastic opportunity to prove that your country is the best one to visit! How you choose to present your country is totally up to you. The goal is to show the others where you come from and make them feel like they’re a part of the presented country. We know you love your country, but your presentation can't take more than 20 minutes!

Why would you like to do that?

•  We are sure that you would like to amaze your friends with your awesome country and make them feel your country is best they've ever seen

• You are enthusiastic about getting to know the habits and culture of other countries

Having this in mind, we can guarantee you 2 hours of fun, laughter and interesting topics.

In the end of the semester we'll have a prize for the group with the best country presentation! The best group will get 5 bottles of Port Wine!

We start with the presentation of Portugal on September 26th!

Please fill this FORM so we know we can count on you!


@ICBAS, Tuesday, 26th of September, 7PM

And afterwards, the first presentation day will be on October 10th. We will remind you several times, but please, countries that are supposed to present on this day, make sure that you’re ready (see schedule below, more information about the rules are coming soon)

Schedule – October

26th September: Portugal

10th October: Germany - Belgium - Mexico

24th October: Spain - Turkey - Slovakia

In order to get refunded for the shopping after your Country Presentation, come to our office with the receipt (no later than 2 weeks after your presentation).

ESN Porto is not responsible for the content of the presented videos, presentations or speeches done by the international students! Thanks for understanding.

See you there!

Your friends,

ESN Porto

26/09/2017 - 19:00
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