Hello guys!

We are sure that most of you might miss your grandparents and grandmothers. The wiseness and unconditional sweetness of our elderly are unkind. They deserve love and most of all respect from us. If you want to share a special day with our elderly and make their day like no other, we present you   


Elderly in the University

Thursday, 19th of April, 2:30pm @Centro de Dia Senhor do Bonfim


Grab this opportunity to tell your stories, to share some love, and to get to know the people that taught us how to be a proper portuguese. To join our activity you need to fill out this FORM and join us to a different day with this so special people!

Meeting point: 2pm at Campanhã (map)

We count with your precious help to make this day unforgettable for our beautiful elderly!


Your friends,

ESN Porto

19/04/2018 - 14:30