Whasssss up??

If you are anything like us you have always dreamed of being in the midst of that amazing, and kind of beautiful, complete confusion of spring break. Not knowing what is going to happen in the next second, or where you are going to sleep or even where the hell your friends are!!

It's your time to live in a movie!!! To feel like that cheerleader with the impossibly perfect ponytail or her geeky friend that always has that annoying piece of tape in her glasses, the jock or the loner boy with the artistic sensitivity! Everybody is welcome to party like never before!!

Erasmus College Party - Spring Break Edition
21st March @ Boulevard

Create your own persona or just be the crazy part of you!!! And don't forget to dress like it, let's make this club look like a true spring break! You will never know what hit you! Have you ever thought of doing drinking games inside a club?? Us neither but it is going to happen among other stuff that shhhhhhh... are a secret waiting to be revealed!!

Imagine, you start with a dinner with friends, then PUBCRAWL, and then an awesome party. What else do you need to have the best night of your life?? Oh wait, you couldn't get a ticket for pubcrawl?!, no worries, just come directly to the party because beer pong waits for no one!!

Localization: Boulevard (map HERE)

Price: Free Entrance for ESNcard holders

Drinks prices:

  • Spirits 4€
  • Beer 2€
  • Shots 2€

IMPORTANT: Boulevard has a consumer card system: at the entrance, you will receive a card. DO NOT LOSE THAT CARD! Your drinks will be registered in it and at the end, you have to return it, even if you didn't consume anything.


Note: Unfortunately Boulevard is not a space fully prepared for people with physical disabilities. 


LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!! Give me an E, Give me an S, Give me an N, what do you have??




This is a private party and the right of admission is reserved to ESN Porto.

21/03/2018 - 23:45
Fee with ESNcard
  • Everyone is invited.