Hello Party Animals!

As we all know in ESN, you are the best Erasmus in the world, the craziest, the funniest and above all the best ones to party with unfortunately, other Erasmus don’t know that….. UNTIL NOW! We are organizing a tour to another ESN section party for you to shine among the common people!


30th April 2018 @Braga

The party is going to start here in Porto as we go all together by train from Porto to Braga.
When we arrive we’ll continue in any square where we can make the best botellon that Braga has seen and finnally we’re going to party until the sun rises (there is no other way for Porto’s Erasmus to party right?)

To make part of this event, you just have to run to the office and save a spot for you and all your friends.
Last but not least, you must bring all your energy and will to rock with (we will provide you some drinks but you are allowed to bring more)

When: 30th of April
Where: Braga
Price: 5€

Meeting Point: Train Station São Bento at 22:15 (map)

Your Party Friends,
ESN Porto

30/04/2018 - 22:15
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