Ladies and Gentlemen,

By now you've probably already heard about fado, but have you had a chance to experience this unique Portuguese music live? Well, we're organizing another night just for you! And why not combine this beautiful Portuguese music with some traditional Portuguese food, and a glass of Port? Sounds like a perfect combination right? If you didn't get a chance to participate in this event last time, then don't miss your second chance!

So come and raise a glass to traditions on a night that won't disappoint, the amazing....


Fado & Tapas Night II

17th May 21h00 @ Adega Figueiroa


Getting excited about the music? You should be! “Fado” (meaning destiny), is a Portuguese national treasure and a part of UNESCO’s Cultural Heritage and you'll get to listen to it performed by a genuine students' Fado group in a typical Porto restaurant, while you are served the most authentic Portuguese tapas to go with your Port Wine. Cheers to a night of music, culture, food, wine and great company!


Where will we meet? Here, at the restaurant, at 21:00.

Registrations: Start on Thursday, 3rd of May at the ESN Office.

What’s the price? 7,00€.

What’s included?

. Fado performance by Grupo de Fados da FEUP;

. Port Wine glass + unlimited white and red wine;

. Portuguese tapas:

Azeitonas (olives)

Pão (variety of bread)

Alheira and enchidos (regional sausages)

Bifanas (pork sandwiches)

Moelas (Portuguese delicacy with meat)

Rissóis (rissoles)


Info: You cannot bring your own drinks but, besides having unlimited white and red wine included, you will be able to buy drinks at the restaurant.

1 beer = 1,20€ / 10 beers = 10€. Limited seats, max. 55 people.


What about afterwards?
After listening to a great concert with food, wine and friends, we’ll head to 77 for some 50cent beer and great conversations!
Note: This activity is suitable for people with disabilities.
Can’t wait to see you there!
Your friends,
ESN Porto


17/05/2018 - 21:00