Hey guys!

Have you ever been on an insane trip and one of your friends got hurt? Were you at a party and someone had an epilepsy attack? Or were you in the metro and the guy next to you had a heart attack?

This are real life situations and we need to learn how to intervene in the best way possible so we can maybe help save someone’s life! So that’s why ESN Porto brings you…


First Aid and Basic Life Support Workshop

Monday, April 3rd, 6.30pm @ FLUP


This workshop will last 3 hours, more or less, and you’ll have the opportunity to learn a bit about First Aid! You will practice Basic Life Support in adults and children, such as helping someone when choking, how to take care of wounds and much more.

Since there is a limited number of spots available we kindly ask you to fill this FORM!


When: April 3rd, 6.30pm

Where: Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto, room 201 (map here


See you there!

Your Friends,

ESN Porto

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