Unfortunately this party has been cancelled due to the weather    :(  

Hey summer lovers!!

The sun has been shining and the temperatures soaring. Yes, summer is almost here, but first the dreaded exams. You have to fully embrace the erasmus spirit each and everyday of your live. Because life is short and Erasmus is even shorter.

That’s why we want to give you a little break. A day off. A chill pill for your nerves. An oasis on the fun desert that is the exam season. A refreshing alternative to your boiling hot days...

Hello Summer! POOL PARTY

Friday, 8th June @Solar das Suecas

Yes, you read it right. Friday, the 8th of June we’re taking you to the wonderful Solar das Suecas for the first ESN Porto Pool Party. How many times do we say this is the party you can’t miss? Well, this one’s for real! ;)  At this party you can do almost anything. You can play volleyball, race with the pool floats and even have a zumba class to improve your (already amazing) dancing skills!

And for all this, you’ll only need to go to our office and invest 8€ in your future self. Where else can you get a deal like that? The places are limited to the venue’s capacity, so call whoever you have to call, text whoever you need to text, but do not let this bird fly.


From the 14th of May until the 6th of June: ESNcard >> 8,00€ with 1 drink.*

If you're a Buddy you can still go to the party! : from 14th of May until 6th of June >> 10€ with 1 drink.*

*except drinks with redbull

One more thing: ESN is always thinking in ways to improve our environment so we’ll have reusable cups that you can keep if you want! If you don’t want our pretty ESN cup, you can always return it, and we’ll give you the money back! 

Location: Solar das Suecas (map here)

ATTENTION: We’ll have free transfers to take you to and from the party leaving from Praça dos Leões (map here) and starting at 14:30h.

At 20:00h, when the party it’s over, we all go back to Praça dos Leões and since you already have the bathing suit on, we figured you could use a Foam Party at Villa after.

This party has a limited amount of tickets for sale, so get yours at the ESN Office as soon as possible! :)

We’ll be there wearing our greek god(ess) bodies waiting for you !

Your entertainers and friends,

ESN Porto

08/06/2018 - 14:30
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