For our sports lovers:

Do you hunger for the adrenaline of the big competitions? Do you dream of scoring that final goal and be the hero of the game?

Now is your chance to wear the colours of your beloved section and represent ESN Porto in the International Erasmus Games, being held right here in your new home!


IEG Trials @ CDUP

22nd of April, 14h00

The IEG is an international tournament between the ESN sections of more than 20 countries all over Europe, where each section will bring a team of Erasmus students representing them, so you will get to meet and play with more than 400 international students in 4 different sports: Futsal, Basketball, Volleyball and Tennis, and take ESN Porto to the top!


And this year the IEG will be held right here in Porto!


So come to our trials, show off your amazing skills and prove you have what It takes to bring home the gold! Just fill the FORM and come!!


Place: CDUP

Price: Free

Time: 22nd of April, 14h

Note: Non-UP students have to pay 8€ for registration + insurance (if it’s the first time playing in an UP field, if you payed before you won’t have to pay again)


Your sports friends,

ESN Porto

22/04/2017 - 14:00
  • An ESNcard of this section required.