Hey hey, can you feel the rhythm already?

Yes, we're talking about some of good old dance moves, so start practising because we have an...


Lindy Hop Open Class

Tuesday, 6th February, 9 pm @C.C.O.P


Have you never heard about this dance?! You know, erasmus sure is the time to try something completely different!

Bota Swing is a cool swing&blues dance academy that organizes a lot of events to develop social gathering through dancing! Their goal is to evolve dance in various contexts so if you go to a class and it seems a bit more unusual than normal... Well, you can go to another and it will seem almost like a party!

Let's skip to the GOOD NEWS, we got you a free class in which you can have a really good time and express yourself freely.

If you want to join us and learn a few steps in a chilled out environment, just fill out the FORM and guarantee your place since there are only 50 spots available!


Location: Bota Swing (map here).


Don't miss out this activity and ... shake that booty! ;)

Your dancing friends,

ESN Porto


06/02/2018 - 21:00