Hola chicas y chicos,

Have you ever thought about going to Mexico? ESN Porto brings you an unbelievable opportunity.



Wednesday, 29th of November @ FLUP


After Portugal, Mexico is one of the best countries ever, their strong culture, the food, the weather… Everything sounds good, right?

Sadly, last summer, a powerful earthquake struck southern Mexico. At least 217 people have been killed.

Mexican students had the great idea to help their community with a special event… MEXICAN NIGHT! What do you think about helping Mexico while having fun? Even better… having the opportunity to try their typical food, dance their traditional songs, play some games and learn how to do guacamole.

We invite you to our fundraising night for families of disappeared students in Mexico. In order to keep working on raising awareness about the human rights crisis that is affecting Mexico. We also want to keep showing solidarity with the families of the victims and Mexican citizens in general, who have been victims of a growing violence and face threats, irregular legal processes and restrictions on their freedom of expression.

To improve this special night, we will also learn how to make a perfect guacamole, dance Mexican songs and play some Mexican games as well!!


Fill out this FORM for us ti know that we can count on you to give you an amazing taste of Mexican culture.

Don’t miss out this amazing opportunity and join us at 8:30 p.m at FLUP.


When: 29th of November at 8:30 p.m

Where: FLUP (MAP)

Price: 2€. This is a solidarity event and therefore we will ask you for a minimum contribution of 2€ to help Mexico! Donations will be sent to the Red Cross.


Your Friends,

ESN Porto

29/11/2017 - 20:30