Hellooo spooky Erasmus,

Have you ever heard of a street Halloween party in the middle of April?!

We bet you’re asking yourself now if that’s even possible, right?
Not only is it possible as we are taking you there!


Montalegre “Halloween Night”

Friday, the 13th of April


You know Portugal rocks already :p But we bet you had never heard of one of the coolest traditions in our country! This little town in the north region of Portugal, Montalegre, dates back 3000 to 4000 years ago and it organizes every Friday the 13th an incredible event where people invade the stone cobbled streets dressed in witches and scary costumes. It lasts all night and the disguises, fear and bad luck are the dominant rulers.

Also, as we are in Portugal, there can't be any party, parade or encounter without plenty of food and drinks! So you'll have the chance to roam through the ancient streets where you can try all kinds of flavours in the different food stands around every corner and shop spread around the city. Did you know that this region is (also) known for its high quality sausages, ham, meat and potatos? Just wait until you try a "pão com chouriço"! *drool*

Last but not least, in the end you can travel back in time and learn about the ancient rituals made by witches at the time they were exiled and watch a street theater while drinking the traditional “Queimada”, a spirit drink that some say it was invented to protect you from them!

If you want to taste a bit of this crazy night, take a sneak peek in this teaser!

Don’t be afraid, run to the office and get a place to yourself, we promise you (not) to protect you!



17h00 - Meeting point at Reitoria
23h00 - Street Theatre
00h30 - Street concert and Dj's
04h00 – Return to Porto

Price: 13€ (only includes transportation costs)

Your Travel buddies,
ESN Porto!

13/04/2018 - 17:00
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