Hey party animal!

Are you brave enough to join our party this time?? Are you a big fan of "Truth or Dare"? So this night I dare you to get in this crazy ride and make this game the real thing! Are you all talk or can you actually take a challenge??
Then you can show it at
One in a Million Party
17th February @Villa
This time we have plenty of challenges for you! Lets challenge all you thought you knew about yourself!
Spin the wheel, and find out what you have to do to win some ESN Dollars, because we'll be giving some surprises to the richest ones!! Imagine yourself a millionaire, the proud owner of tones of ESN dollar!! Are you a big party animal with no fear to show your innerself? This is your night to shine and be the richest, all thanks to those crazy party skills, you can become a millionaire showing the real you!
Don't be afraid to stand out and make a fool of yourself! Allow everyone to know you're One in a Million!!

Entrance: FREE for ESNcard holders

Drink prices:

  • Spirits 4€
  • Beer 2€
  • Shots 2€

Note: The party is not accessible to people with reduced mobility, but we can always manage a way to help you party with us!

This is a private party and the right of admission is reserved to ESN Porto.

Your party friends,
ESN Porto


17/02/2018 - 23:45