Hey there crazies!

Have you all been waiting for that special magical night? Where you’ll be so excited expecting plenty of surprises? Nope, it’s not Christmas, but we promise it will give you the same thrill as watching Titanic while eating cookies and milk with Santa!!!!

We are glad to present you a party that combines the secrets from a ‘DTBF - DON’T’ TELL YOUR BOYFRIEND’ with the extreme craziness from ‘ENM - Erasmus National Meeting’: the only night where everything is possible with no limits…

This party has been happening trough the years and never disappoints! So if you are still recovering from ENM, please do it fast because on Saturday we are smashing Villa like no other time with the one and only:

Remember ENM Extreme DTBF - Don't Tell Your Boyfriend Edition

14th of April @ Villa

So, if you think ‘Oh but I’ve been to ENM and nothing can top it and I need a break from parting’... Our answer is NO NOPE NOT! Stop it right there, you are going to be mind blown, because nobody knows how to party like PUORTOOO!!

We are not going to reveal everything right from the start, because that would take away the surprise effect that we really want you to have ;)

Be aware of the Facebook event to discover bit by bit the exciting details of what is happening in this party! But trust us when we say that you can’t even wonder what’s coming for you, from the craziest challenges to the wildest drinking game! We advise you: find a safe word, you will need it….

Free entrance for ESNcard holders

Drinks prices: ·

Spirits 4€ ·

Beer 2€ ·

Shots 2€

This is a private party and the right of admission is reserved to ESN Porto.

Your party friends,

ESN Porto

14/04/2018 - 23:45