Hey guys!

This year’s long summer has caused a lot of wildfires around the forests of Portugal, causing a great number of losses that will take years to recover, being them material, environmental or human.

What if we told you that during your Erasmus you could help your second home country to flourish again? ESN Porto present you…


Saving Forests, Saving Portugal

28th November 2017


Come with us to Viveiro Municipal do Porto (Plant Nursery) and give a hand to Portugal with the help of the "100 mil árvores", a project that dedicates itself to restoring the forests' burnt and free areas or that need rehabilitation, with about 100 thousand different species of trees.

You just have to fill this FORM meet us near Hard Club at 8h15.


Where: Viveiro Municipal do Porto

When: 28th November, 9h00


Let’s have a memorable day with a social impact beyond imagination. We are waiting for you!


Help us Make Portugal Green Again!

Your friends,

ESN Porto


28/11/2017 - 09:00