Hey rockstars (or indiestars, or jazz stars or fado stars)!

Tired of singing in the shower? Or Air Guitaring to your favourite tunes? As always ESN Porto has good news for you!


Tuesday, 4th of April
@Entre Tanto, 22h00

Would you like to come and Jam with us and your fellow ERASMUS? Well you can and you should!

The concept is simple: We will provide a stage, microphone, a drum kit and an electric guitar. We ask you to bring your instrument if you can and come rock the place with us.
Since it's SocialErasmus Week, you can bring some food to donate to a portuguese charity association. Show us you're super cool rockstars with a good heart by joining this cause. It can be a package of milk, pasta, tuna, anything you can give to help! The food is going yo be donated to CASA, an association that helps homeless people in Porto.

With the stage ready you just need to get up and show us your rockstar skills!
Show everyone that you have what it takes to be the next Rui Veloso (the guy that sings love songs for our city)!

If you're not an amazing musician, NO PROBLEM, the show must go on! Just show up and listen to good music, relax and enjoy a different night with your firends.
Before you just have to fill this FORM so we can discover your skills!

MAP: here

Let's get this show started,

Your friends
ESN Porto


04/04/2017 - 22:00
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