Hey there, 2nd Art lovers <3!

We bet you've been wondering all this time on when you'de be on the spotlight, having the opportunity to have a blast while developing those cool (un)hidden drama skills... Wonder no more! As usual, we came up with the perfect solution :D


Theater Workshop

16th May, 7:30pm @ FLUP, classroom 106


Lets get you rid of that shyness and loosen up that spirit! Just for you, we'll have a very nice member of ESMAE’s theater group (Superior School of Music, Arts and Entertainment) coming to teach you some basics on theater, with funny ice breaking games and unexpected theatrical surprises.

Because Erasmus is also about learning and doing distinct things, join us in this challenge and spend a different afternoon ;)


For Free, this Workshop includes:

- Updating that basic theater knowledge with amateur actors;

- Cool icebreaking games;

- Fun, great humor & the likely discovery of the actor/actress within you.


Price: FREE.

Registration: Fill out this form for us to count on you ;)

Meeting PointFLUP’s main gate at 19:15. See the map here.


Bring all your glamour, creativity & glory,

We'll definitely bring ours :p


See you there!

Your soon to be famous actors friends,

ESN Porto

16/05/2017 - 19:30
What's included: 
  • Theatre workshop
  • An ESNcard of this section required.