Hey there beautiful people,

Are you ready for Queima das Fitas? You were born ready, for sure ;)

We know this is one of the most expected weeks in Porto, but you should also know this: Coimbra is the heart of the student traditions in Portugal and their parade is amazingly fun, something like you have never seen before :D


Trip to 'Cortejo de Coimbra'

Sunday, 6th of May at 11 am @ Praça da Galiza

The Student's Parade (Cortejo Académico) of Coimbra consists in a lot of trucks, one for each Faculty, decorated with their respective colours. The finalist students are on top of the trucks and they are playing loud music and offering drinks (some offer food as well) to the crowd happily watching in the streets. The entire city center turns into this huuuuuge party and the environment is unspeakable! Still not convinced? Take a look at last years’ Cortejo and you’ll have an idea on what we’re talking about ;)

Before getting in the heart of the parade, we will chill having a picnic in Parque Verde, overviewing the Mondego river. We will bring some snacks and food for you, but you should also bring your own! Excited already? So are we :)

Go to the Office and get your spot!


11:00 - Meeting point in Praça da Galiza (map here)

12:00 - Arrival to Coimbra and picnic in Parque Verde

14:30 - Cortejo time! Party hard with our Erasmus friends from Coimbra

21:00 - Departure to Porto (the hardest part, trust us!)

22:30 - Arrival in Porto

PRICE: 12€

REGISTRATIONS: At the ESN office, starting on Friday, 13th April. Refunds are only available until one week before the trip.

What's included?


Meeting with our Erasmus friends from Coimbra Too much fun! You can't miss out on this one :D

What should you bring?


Your Erasmus Addicted T-shirt

Some snacks for the picnic (we’ll bring only the appetizers)

A change of clothes (optional - but !!warning!! There will be a looot of beer pouring from the sky!)


And don’t worry guys, we’ll bring you back in time to continue partying at our own Queima! (If you want, you can also stay for the Queima of Coimbra, as long as you let us know in advance!)


Your friends,

ESN Porto

06/05/2018 - 11:00