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Prepared to have the best tan of Erasmus? And at the same time explore beautiful caves and beaches? So you're prepared to

Trip to Peniche and Berlengas

27th and 28th of May

The Berlengas archipelago is a Portuguese archipelago, composed of granitic islands, situated in the Atlantic Ocean, 5.7 miles west of Cape Carvoeiro. They depend administratively on the parish of São Pedro, in Peniche, West Sub-region. It was the first protected area of ​​the country when, in 1465, king Afonso V of Portugal prohibited the practice of hunting on the main island of Berlengas (Berlenga Grande). The Berlengas Nature Reserve has been designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve since 30 June 2011.

Check out our program:

Day 1 – 27th of May

8.30h - Metting Point at Rectorate
9h – Departure from Porto
12h – Arrival to Peniche
12h to 13.45h – Lunch/Picnic
14h to 15h – Visit Municipal Museum of Peniche
15h to 18h – Relax at the beach + Beach Sports
18.30h - Check in hostel @ 33 Hostel + CT GuestHouse
20h – Dinner
23h - Party

Day 2 – 28th of May

9h - Breakfast
10h – Check out at the hostel
11h to 13.30h – Relax to the beach (optional snorkeling, value 10€) + free time to lunch
14h to 19h – Boat trip to Berlengas
20h – Departure to Porto
23h – Arrival to Porto

Price: 65€
What’s included? · Transportation · Accommodation (1 night) · Visit Municipal Museum of Peniche · Dinner · 1 breakfast · Boat trip to Berlengas · Really cool ESNeners to take care of you · Lots of fun!!! What should you bring? · Food for picnic · Comfortable clothes and shoes · Beach clothes – Bikini or shorts · Sunscreen·

Registrations: Start on Monday, 8th May. The office is open from 14:30 to 18:00 and if you want, you can register two friends but you need to know their ESNcard number and you need to pay their fee.

Refunds are only available until 1 week before the trip.

Ready to meet the island? :D

See you there!
Your friends, ESN Porto

27/05/2017 to 28/05/2017
What's included: 
  • Transportation; Accommodation (1 night); Visit Municipal Museum of Peniche; Dinner; 1 breakfast; Boat trip to Berlengas; Really cool ESNeners to take care of you; Lots of fun!!!
  • An ESNcard of this section required.