Hey there veggie lovers,

Do you know the feeling when you tell someone that you are a vegetarian and that person says: so all you eat is salad? It’s time to change that and show people how delicious vegetarian meals can be! So we invite you to the…

Veggie Dinner
Friday, 21st April @ Agera

We heard that there’s a lot of vegetarians/vegans out there. Thinking about you, ESN Porto is organizing a dinner where you can show all the meat lovers how good the amazing vegetarian cuisine is. Now it’s the time that you been waiting for, run to your best cookbook and try the best dishes to impress the others. YES, you have to impress everyone else because we are making a contest and the best dish will get a surprise. To participate, you just need to fill up this FORM and show up!

NOTE: if you don’t know how to cook or you just want to try veggie food, you can still come with a price of 2EUR to help with expenses.

Where: Agera (map)

Your friends,
ESN Porto

21/04/2017 - 21:00
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