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Porto is a city full of academic tradition as you may have seen now, and that goes from the youngest to the oldest. The wisdom of this people made possible that today we can enjoy and share amazing experiences in this city that is a perfect match of old and new. But sometimes we forget about that and this is the perfect opportunity to make these people feel loved and valued.

Come with us share your stories and your love!

Volunteering with the elderly and children Open Day

Monday, 26th February, 2pm @Senhor do Bonfim Kindergarten and Care Center

We will give you the opportunity to become a volunteer in this institution during your stay in Porto (more info below). If you think that you won’t have time to do this all semester, but you want to come anyway, fell free to join us!

We count with your precious help to make this afternoon unforgettable for our beautiful elderly and kids!

Fill out this FORM and help us share some love!

Meeting Point: 2pm at Campanhã Train/ Metro Station

Info about continuously volunteering:

About: The daycare center is a social response, that consists on the execution of a group of services that contribute for the maintenance of the elderly and children in their social-family environment

Where: Close to Campanhã Train/Metro Station (map)

Cause: Work with children and elderly people

What they do: They are a day center. They take care of kindergarten aged children and also elderly retired people

What you can do: Your job would be to help the staff and prepare entertainment activities. The world is your oyster :)

Schedule: You'll be asked to go once a week either in the morning or afternoon (you can choose)

Join in: To do voluntary work at Centro de Dia do Bonfim you have to join us in the open day where you will receive more information about this.

For more info, contact projects@esnporto.org.

Website: http://www.senhordobonfim.org/centro-de-dia

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26/02/2018 - 14:00
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