How you doing?? (If you just read it as Joey from Friends you are absolutely right! Otherwise go check it out and thank us later!)

Are you guys ready for the event that starts the death of your lives?? Probably not, honestly there is no way to properly prepare, but we accept you anyway!!

We are going to show you a whole new world and it all starts with the welcome pubcrawl, a magic event where anything is possible!

Welcome Pubcrawl @Reitoria
Wednesday, 21st March, 9pm


From drinking games to challenges, we have it all!

We are going to show you some of the best bars here in Porto so you can really enjoy your Erasmus. You will also have the chance to meet some amazing people from all around the world and share with them one of the best nights you will have, this is if you can  remember it!

We will meet in front of Reitoria da Universidade do Porto (map here)  at 9pm. Don’t be late because we're going to LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!

And no one goes home in the end because we'll to keep it going at Boulevard for an awesome Spring Break College Party!!! Come dressed with sports t-shirts and cheerleading outfits! 

Price: 5€

Registrations and payment: at the ESN Porto office (here).
Only participants that had previously registered and paid at the ESN Porto office will be allowed to participate in this activity.

To participate in ESN activities, you must buy an ESNcard, at the ESN Porto office (map here). It will cost you 10€, it is valid for one year and allows you to benefit from lots of national and international discounts with our partners. You must bring a photo of yourself (passport type) when you come to the office to buy your ESNcard.

See you there!

Your Friends,
ESN Porto 

21/03/2018 - 21:00
  • An ESNcard of this section required.