Hey wine lovers!!

We’ve shown you all about Portuguese food and you’ve had a chance to soak up most of our culture, but do you still want more?? 

Then join us to learn about a huge part of our national culture in the…


Wine tasting class
Tuesday, 30th of May


You will get the chance to try wines from all over Portugal, learn about the characteristics of different wines by tasting them and learn some things about the production process of some of the best wines in the world!!

So, if you think you’re a wine buff, a wine enthusiast or simply curious about good Portuguese wines, come and join us!!


Price: 8€ (Includes an introduction to Portuguese wine regions and wine making, followed by the wine tasting sessions. Duration: approximately 2h15m)

Registration: Starting on Tuesday, 23rd of May, at the ESN office. You can register as many friends as you want, as long as you know their ESNcard numbers and pay their fees.

Meeting Point: 16:45 at Pólo Universitário Metro Station (map here). This station is on the Metro Line D (Yellow Line), you can catch the metro from the centre at Trindade or Aliados station.


Ready to become a wine master?


Your friends,

ESN Porto



What's included: 
  • Introduction to Portuguese wine regions and wine making, followed by the wine tasting sessions.
  • An ESNcard of this section required.