Hey guys!

Are you ready for an awesome international dinner? Do you want to taste traditional flavours from all over the world in just one night?
Show us your "Masterchef" skills, we have a contest going on!

World Dinner @ Agera
Tuesday, 7th March at 9pm
Register here!

This is how it works: everybody cooks a traditional dish from their Country/City, for 3-4 people, so that everyone can have a good taste of everything. Feel free to be creative!

After the delicious tasting, a judge will choose the best salty dish, the best sweet dish and the best main dish. The winners will get awesome prizes!!! But there's more... We also have the prize for Best Country!

Every person at the dinner will have a little ticket. All the Erasmus will vote for the Best Dish - you can't choose your own country - and among the Country team, we'll gather all the tickets and raffle the Winner! He/she'll have the chance to join our Trip to Viana and Ponte de Lima (25th and 26th March).

We are counting on you! Tell us you're coming and what you're bringing in this FORM  Show us the best your country has to offer!

And don't forget to bring flags, and wear your country's flag colors... You can also bring other traditional things from your Country/Region/City. Let’s meet all at Agera (map here).

PS – We are bringing some delicious Portuguese food too… Be prepared to discover our delicious gastronomy!

Your friends,
ESN Porto

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