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Hey there Erasmus people!

Almost one month gone by and yet, so many stories to tell, so many friends from all around the world! You've met so many different people and, at the same time, so many different countries, are we right? So you must already speak perfect Portuguese and Spanish! Have you learned how to cook pasta like a true Italian or dance like a Brazilian? Did a Polish person tell you what "kurwa" means and learnt the meaning of "malakas" from a Greek? What? Not yet?! Let us help you out...

Flag Party 
@Boulevard, 4th October
We give you the perfect party to get to know everyone from every country! Bring your country's flag, wear your country's t-shirt and paint your face with your colours (or just surprise everyone with typical or custom clothes!) and show the world how you party back at home! Show us how proud you are of your country!
Meet us at 00h00 in Aliados for an amazing BOTELLÓN before the party! Bring a taste of your own country and let's make an epic warm-up filled with colours, flags and sangria! ;)
Price: Free entrance for ESNcard holders

Meeting point: Aliados at 00h or Boulevard (map here)

IMPORTANT: Boulevard has a consumer card system: at the entrance you will receive a card. DO NOT LOOSE THAT CARD! Your drinks will be registered in it and at the end you have to return it, even if you didn't consume anything.

ESNCard Drink prices:
  • Spirit 4€
  • Beer 2€
  • Shot 2€ 
Note: Unfortunately Boulevard is not a space fully prepared for people with physical disabilities. 
Let's make it one for the ages!
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04/10/2017 - 23:45
Free with ESNcard
  • An ESNcard of this section required.