Hey guys!

This will be a very special field as it is an open field for international volunteers! This means that, depending on the number of international volunteers participating in the program, the language spoken will be English. It is a unique experience of meeting volunteers from other cultures and coming from all over the world.

This international aspect of the summercamp is yet to be confirmed, but we are working towards this.
It's going to be an incredible field, with a lot of work, a lot of excitement and above all, a lot of impact! How it works?
We wake up at 08:00 and had breakfast together. Then each team departs for his work where he is rebuilding the house from 09:00 to 18:00 with an hour of lunch. There are 8 very intense hours of work but very fun and with great conversations and conviviality among volunteers, beneficiaries and masters of work.
At 18:00 we return to the "base" and in the middle of baths and snacks we have our classic "Just a Chill", where we live without stress and relax after a nice day at work! We also try to enjoy the wonders of the area and go to the rivers, waterfalls, beaches, etc. to take a dip and get involved with the local community.
After dinner we continue with our "Just a Chill" and at weekends we make a point of going to the parties that the villages of the zone organize.
On the day after? Repeat the program until you are a real troll and have rebuilt a house and the lives of those who live in it!
The summer camp has a cost of 40 € * / person for the 12 days. This price includes: Stay; Meals; Field trips; Work and protection tools; Personal accident insurance; Design T-Shirt;
Payment will only be made after confirmation of the participation of each one.
We want people who want to help others and above all who are committed to volunteering and to the mission that we propose!
Thank you for wanting to be a "Punisher" and help fight housing poverty!
Register for the Field by filling out the following form!
* The registration fee is used to support the project in its general costs. However, you will never fail to accept an entry from someone who, for financial reasons, does not have the ability to pay its value.
** The price is not included in the price. Although we do not ensure the trip to the field, we will try to help organize the cars available to make life easier for everyone.

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