Hello Erasmus friends,

Have you ever heard about SocialErasmus or Mov’In Europe? They are both Erasmus Student Network (ESN) international projects – the first one aims to involve young citizens into volunteering activities during their mobility experience, to make a social change in the society, and the second one is an ESN initiative to promote mobility as a lifestyle, encouraging young people around Europe to take the first step towards a more mobile future.

So, now that you’re beginning your incredible Erasmus journey …  Here’s your opportunity to change Porto, and let Porto change you!

Do you want to be a volunteer in Porto? Check out our projects and join them!







How to Participate?

Discrimination / Poverty

Santa Casa da Misericordia - Porto

Visit to Retirement Homes and party with the elderly!


The project will take place in the 1st weekend of each month, beginning next Saturday, 5th of March

Fill this FORM and you’ll be contacted soon


CASA – Support Center to the Homeless People

Prepare food and distribute them to the homeless people of Porto


The project will take place every week night from 7pm to11/12 pm

Fill this FORM and you’ll be contacted soon

Education / Poverty

Centro António Cândido

Spend time with institutionalized children.

Help in their study, play with them, teach them musical instruments or a language.

You MUST be available at least once a week. You will build relationships with the children, and you can’t disappoint them.

The project will take place every afternoon

Fill this FORM and then you will have to be interviewed by the ESN Members and the responsible of the Center, so that we can understand if you have the right profile to deal with children.


High schools of Porto

Erasmus in Schools

A Social activity with adolescents from Portuguese High-Schools. You’ll be in a first person experience, motivating them why they should take mobility opportunities such as you took Erasmus+!


You can choose the date(s) you prefer:

3 of March -15.30/17.00

10 of March - 8.20/9.50

18 of March - 11.45/13.15

5 of April - 11.30/13.00 GMT+0

Fill this FORM and you’ll be contacted soon


Liga Portuguesa Contra o Cancro

- Apoio emocional a paciente com cancro e às suas famílias

- Orientação dos pacientes nos diferentes serviços

- Visita a pacientes internados

- Ajudar a preparar as refeições

- Colaboração nas atividades de dia

Understand / speak Portuguese

Mínimo de 3h por semana. Horários:

9.00h -12.00h

12.00h - 15.00h

15.00h - 18.00h

18.00h - 21.00h

Preenche este FORMULÁRIOe depois serás entrevistado pelos membros da ESN e pelos responsáveis do projeto para percebermos se tens o perfil adequado para lidares com os pacientes.


MIDAS -Movimento Internacional em Defesa dos Animais

Give love to “furry friends”.

-Cleaning the kennels and cattery

-Walking the dogs

-Brushing the dogs

-Feed the animals

You can´t be afraid of animals.

Any day, any time

Fill this FORM and you’ll be contacted soon


If you have any doubt, send us an email to social-erasmus@esnporto.org.

We will be waiting for you to make Porto a better city!


Your friends.

ESN Porto