Hey football fans!!

Wondering where to watch the football matches of your National Team? As usual our city offers places with a giant screen where you can watch all the Euro 2016 matches. The places are located in Porto city center and near the beach:

  • Praça D. João I (square between Villa and Pitch clubs :p)

Map here:


  • Edifício Transparente (close to Flower Power Surf school! :D)

Map here:

Football matches that will be played simultaneously:​

Praça D. João I:

21st of June, 17h: Ukraine - Poland

21nd of June, 20h: Croatia - Spain

22nd of June, 17h: Portugal - Hungary

22nd of June, 20h: Italy - Ireland
Edifício Transparente:

21st of June, 17h: Ireland - Germany

21st of June, 20h: Czech Republic - Turkey

22st of June, 17h: Portugal - Hungary

22st of June, 20h: Sweden - Belgium

There you will also find places to eat and drink while watching the matches. 
Enjoy the atmosphere and good luck for your team :)
Your friends,
ESN Porto