Erasmus Forest
International Forest Day - 21st of March

The United Nations General Assembly declared that 21 March of each year is to be observed as the International Day of Forests. It encourages all Member States to organize activities relating to all types of forests. Activities expected to take place on the International Day include tree-planting and other community-level events, and national celebrations including art, photo and film as well as social media outreach.

SocialErasmus is an ESN project that aims to integrate international students in the local communities through acts of volunteering. Every semester we organize activities that put international students in direct contact with Porto’s locals. They helped the homeless and the stray animals, gave a wonderful afternoon to the older population, presented their countries to portuguese youth and they also helped clean the emblematic Douro River. The environment is a cause under the SocialErasmus project that is very dear to us. We believe that climate change is the main issue mankind is facing today and every small act can have a big impact.

To celebrate the International Forest Day, we took a group of volunteers Erasmus and ESNers to help in the project “O FUTURO - projecto das 100 mil árvores”. The event took place in “Viveiro Municipal do Porto” and we helped to sow more than 1200 seeds of autochthonous trees: cornus sanguinea, ligustrum vulgare and euonymus europaeus. The goal of the project is to create and maintain the native urban forests of Porto’s region that needs to enrich its biodiversity, sequester carbon, improve air quality, protect the soil and contribute to a better quality of life. This trees we planted will grow and live soon in Porto. It was a great effort by everyone that will surely leave its mark in Porto’s atmosphere and in the student’s help towards the preservation of the environment. In ESN Porto we are proud to be environmentally conscious and always push each other to pass our values to our students and in that way change the world.

Thanks to “O FUTURO - projecto das 100 mil árvores” to let us be part of their project. :)

Green greetings!
ESN Porto