The letter arrived. 
You've been accepted in your host university and you're coming to Porto! 

What an awesome feeling: new city, new friends, new adventures... But we know that the beginning can be quite scary. A new language, a new culture, finding a room, all the bureaucracy... These are quite difficult to manage if you're on your own. That's why ESN Porto is happy to help you out even before you arrive: we have the ESNbuddy program!!!

What?! ESNbuddy? What is that?
An ESNbuddy is a local student that wants to help you out in your move to Porto. He or she will be your first friend from Porto, even before you arrive. They can help with university bureaucracy, room search and getting familiar with the culture and the city atmosphere. 
That sounds great! What do I do to get one?
Simple, just sign up here. You'll need to register and, after that, sign up for the ESNbuddy program
In the meantime, we'll be looking for Portuguese students for all of you. We'll start assigning buddies as soon as possible. It will be our early Christmas gift to you :) 
Lots of love from your ESN Porto team and see you soon!
ESN Porto Buddy Team
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