Hello friends,

Do you know what’s going to happen next week all over the world?


The International Day for Monuments and Sites

17th and 18th April


This day was established on 1982 by the International Council of Monuments and Sites to celebrate the diversity of heritage throughout the world, on the 18th of April. The 2016 theme is The Heritage of Sport, since sports have left testimonies to the diversity of installations and facilities related to their practice, many of them bearing outstanding values related to the development of architecture, art and techniques.

But here in Porto and all around Portugal we will celebrate this date not only on the 18th, but also on Sunday, the 17th of April!

Monuments and sites will have their doors open with free admission on both days. There are also special activities– conferences, seminars and guided visits related to sports culture and our heritage.

ESN Porto members have some suggestions for you, just here in Porto. What about going to the Serralves Foundation, one of the most iconic museums of Porto? On the 18th of April, from 3pm to 6pm, there will be free guided visits to its beautiful gardens, and from 4pm to 6pm there will be guided tours to the Museum’s exhibitions.

Or you can visit the Institute of Douro and Porto Wines: also on the 18th of April, from 3pm to 4pm, there will be a guided tour in the building, ending with a fiery opening of a bottle of Vintage Porto wine! How awesome does it seem?

But there is much, much more to discover around Porto during these days. Check out the entire agenda HERE and find out the best activity to join for free!


We hope you enjoy this amazing opportunity to get to know a bit more about our remarkable cultural heritage.

Your friends,

ESN Porto