Hello everyone,
In the name of the Students Association of  ISCAP, we would like to invite you to our International Fair, an activity that’s taking place next Tuesday the 29th May, and that will be located at the back garden of our Institute.

This fair consists in a ludic day where we will organize games such as beerpong, karaoke, speed talking, along with other fun and engaging activites, and we also offer some drinks to come along.

We would like to have you there to share with us a bit of your culture. As so, we are asking if you could attend our event where we are preparing some stands where you could present everyone some traditional and characteristic  food from your country. We will fund the things you need to acquire in order to do with the maximum budget of 10€.

After the event during the day, it follows a dinner also offered by us, and next, a party here at the Institute, where we would also enjoy your presence, whether or not you’re here during the day.

Next Tuesday it's International Fair Day! Get ready for an afternoon with activities, followed by dinner and Party from 11 p.m at the usual place - Espaço Estudante. | more information on FACEBOOK EVENT.

 Starting at 2 p.m | Opening Session

  • Beer Pong
  • Speed Talks
  • Tuna de Contabilidade do Porto | Musical Perfomance
  • Karaoke
  • Feira gastronómica | Gastronomic Fair
  • Jantar | Dinner
  • X-CAPE | Party

To the volunteers, we ask to contact us by Whatsapp ( +351 914 951 495 ) or by e-mail to: diogo.cortereal95@gmail.com or a_ritaa@hotmail.com