Hey guys,

You’ve seen this words in our calendar and couldn’t figure out what they meant? We’ll tell you, it’s…

NOS em D’Bandada @ Porto center
Saturday, 17th september

It’s September and everyone in Porto knows what that means, it’s time to hear the city play music. This is a one-day free festival where most places in Porto center receive Portuguese artists for all tastes. We have POP, indie, rock, electronic and more: a lot of diversity all made in Portugal!

For this event in specific, ESN Porto isn’t arranging a meeting point so that you can enjoy the most of it however you want!

We highly recommend you to come because you get the chance to make an alternative city tour and see how people in Porto like to party. The feeling is close to our traditional S. João (Saint John’s) party, if you ever heard of it. It’s a blast!

You can check the program in this video: 

Also, the host, NOS, created an event on Facebook where you can check all the updates.

Have fun and rock the city!


Your friends,

ESN Porto