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Queima das Fitas 2017
7th (00h01) to 13th of May

What is Queima das Fitas?
Queima das Fitas is the most important academic celebration for Portuguese high education students. It marks the end of the academic year and it is especially important for the finalists. There are concerts and party every night, at Queimódromo, but there are also cultural and traditional activities all over the city. In Porto, Queima starts in the night from Saturday to the first Sunday of May – that means that, this year, you can see the Monumental Serenata (a beautiful serenade played by students) on the 7th, at midnight.  On Tuesday, we’ll have the big parade, Cortejo Académico, one of the most emblematic events of our Academy where trucks decorated by students go downtown to party! But there is much, much more...

Every night of this crazy week, the party takes place in Queimódromo, right next to the beach, in Parque da Cidade, Matosinhos (map). There you can find a big open space filled by “barraquinhas” – little tents built by students. They represent different faculties or academic groups, decorated with colors that represent each faculty/group. There you can buy cheap drinks and enjoy the music you need to make your night awesome. If  you  don’t  believe  us,  you  can  see  this video! Just imagine 100 different bars at your service! And, of course, your favourite one will be the “barraquinha” from ESN Porto! Lots of surprises will be waiting for you so… stay tunned! To kick off every night the best possible way, you'll also have concerts. Check the line up here, or vistit the Queima das Fitas official website.

How to get there?
At this moment  you may be thinking that this place is a little bit far but don’t worry:

  • FREE Buses everynight (from 22h­ until 07h30, the first day is from 00h01). You can catch them near Trindade metro station or in Hospital São João. Find the schedule here!
  • Metro do Porto will also work at night, check the schedule here. Basically:
    • Lines A (blue) and D (yellow) will work all night in Serenata and Cortejo days (6 to 7 and 9 to 10 of May). From 3h00, line A will only work from Trindade to Câmara de Matosinhos. Metro Stations Brito Capelo and Heroísmo (line A) and Faria Guimarães and Salgueiros (line D) are not included and will close at 1h30 as usual.
    • The other days line A will start working one hour earlier, at 5h00 in Câmara de Matosinhos.


How to get tickets?
You  can  get  one  day  tickets (from  8€  until  12,5€)  or  the  weekly  ticket (56€). The tickets get more expensive if you buy them in the end of the week, so be quick and get yours as soon as possible! See the  prices here  or  buy  the tickets online here if you prefer.

Here are the places where you can buy the tickets:

  • FAP (Academic Federation of Porto, map here) – from the 1st to the 5th of May (9h to 21h) and from the 6th to the 13th of May (13h to 21h)
  • Campus São João (map here) – from the 1st to the 13th of May (9h to 21h)
  • El Corte Inglés Gaia (map here) – from the 28th of April to the 13th of May (10h to 23h)
  • Queimódromo (map here) – from the 1st to the 5th of May (10th to 20h) and from the 6th to the 13th of May (13h to 4h30)
  • Pólo Zero (in the city center, near Clérigos tower, map here) – from the 1st to the 13th of May (10h to 24h)


But,  don’t  think  that  Queima  das  Fitas  is  only about  drinking  and  listening  to music, FAP (Academic Federation of Porto) provides you a lot of events that show a little bit of our academic traditions. So, if you are interested, here you have the main events:

7th May, Saturday night (00.01): Monumental Serenata at Avenida dos Aliados
It is one of the most symbolic and important moments of the academic life,  when freshmen are  allowed  to  wear  their  black  suit  (basically they become Harry Potters!! :p) for the first time. This serenade opens the party week at 00:01 of the first week of May. Something  like  20  thousand  students  are  present  and  a  group  of students will be on the stage singing Portuguese songs related to the university life. According to the academic rules you are not supposed to clap in the end of each song, only cough slightly, in order to be possible to maintain silence  till  the  end. You’ll  see  that  the  students  will  symbolically  clap with their briefcases up in the air with their color ribbon. (All  the different  colors  will  be  see  again  in  Cortejo (just scroll down a bit for more information)). Video here!

7th of May (11:01): Missa da Benção das Pastas Avenida dos Aliados
Queima das Fitas was originally called "Festa da Pasta" and was first made by senior students of the Medicine faculty. During that event, the senior students would give their briefcases to the students who would become finalists the following year. You should understand this was a really emotional moment since we give a lot of importance to the academic traditions. All the faculties started to have their own parties until 1943, when all of them became one single huge party called "Queima das Fitas". The Church was evolved and made the "Missa da Benção das Pastas", where an important priest would symbolically bless the briefcases. Because of politic matters (Portugal wasn´t a democracy until 1974), Queima was interrupted in 1971 and restarted only in 1978 with a little promenade, considered at the time as a revolutionary act, not well accepted. However on the following year it happened again, better organized and it has been improving till nowadays, becoming not only a party for students but the second biggest party of the city and the biggest academic party of the country. Video here!

9th of May (14:01): Cortejo Académico at Porto’s Downtown
This is one of the most emblematic events of our Academy. Go downtown to see the big promenade of Porto students. It starts on Rua da Restauração goes through Cordoaria, Rua dos Clérigos and it ends on Avenida dos Aliados. This promenade is divided by faculties in line with a certain order and each faculty makes its own car and all the students are present. The finalists will have a top hat and a walking stick with the colors of their faculty. Don’t be afraid if you see people giving three knocks to the finalists on the top hat with the walking stick…it’s just a tradition!
We strongly recommend you to talk with the students of your faculty and take part of it, or at least go see it for a while.. You will remember it! =) some faculties don’t have classes during all of this afternoon, so please check in yours. Video here!

10th of May (20:01): Iberian Festival of Academic Tunas (FITA) at Coliseu do Porto
We know that you guys love “Tunas” and FITA is one of the best shows that you can attend to see the performance of these amazing academic musical groups. Come and check the best “Tunas” of Portugal and Spain.

For  more  information:  you  can  also  check  the  official website: http://www.queimadoporto.com/

If you have any question you can send an e­mail to us or you also can ask in our facebook page event and somebody will help you. :)

See you there for the biggest party week you've ever attended!

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