Hey guys,
Lately we've seen the rise of populism in both European and American politics. A rise which, most of the times, can be the blame of racist and xenophobic remarks by those in power. Such remarks brought to light a side of society which most people thought was supported only by a very small percentage of people. We've seen racist attitudes and hate speech becoming  common places under the guise of homeland security and freedom of speech.
Respeech is a project conducted by postgraduate International Relations students and is associated with the Peer2Peer program of the US State Department. This project aims to destroy the stereotypes that provoke hateful attitudes and speech in society through a series of workshops. ESN Porto is working in partnership with Respeech and we are going to hold a diversity workshop, full of different nationalities, races and faiths in which we can learn each other's stories and help to find ways of eliminating hate speech from society.
So come, share your thoughts, ideas or experiences with us and help beat the prejudice:
Respeech Workshop
Monday, 29th May in ICBAS - Room 10,.P1/E3
Just fill out this FORM so we know how many people we can count on and check the event on  Facebook.
Your ESN Porto Friends