Hey hey guys!

As you might have found out already, Erasmus is not only about partying.

We will now show you a different side of it. A side that focus on being selfless and helping your neighbour. A side that cares about the world and actively fights to make it a better place for us and for the ones to come. This is SocialErasmus!


SocialErasmus is a project that aims to integrate you in our local community through acts that can range from volunteering to raising awareness. We want to bring lights on eight topics, among which are Animals, Environment, Discrimination, Poverty...

That’s why, from the 7th to the 13th of November, ESN Porto is bringing you the SocialErasmus Week. It consists on a week full of SocialErasmus activities that will feel your heart with love and bring you ever closer to Porto and the world.


Check the table below to see every activity we’re doing and click the links to know more about it!

Join us #BEaHero and #LeaveYourMark!


Date Description Link
ErasmusInSchools Monday, 7th November Show high and middle school students in Porto what your country is like! http://www.esnporto.org/events/erasmus-schools-0
Traditional Games with the Elderly Tuesday, 8th November Get to know another side of Portugal with some of our nicest people. http://www.esnporto.org/events/traditional-games-elderly
Help the Homeless [FULL] Wednesday, 9th November Join us giving food to the homeless of Porto. http://www.esnporto.org/events/help-homeless-full
Visit the Dog Shelter Thursday, 10th November Miss your pet back at home? Or you just love animals? This one’s for you... http://www.esnporto.org/events/visit-dog-shelter
Refugee Debate + S.Martinho Barbecue Friday, 11th November Join our multicultural perspective to have a fruitful and rich debate about the refugee crisis and join us after for a barbecue to celebrate S.Martinho. http://www.esnporto.org/events/refugees-welcome-debate-s-martinho-barbecue
Cleaning The River Saturday, 12th November Let's fight some of the major ways humans are ruining the earth. Preserve the environment and keep it clean! http://www.esnporto.org/events/cleaning-douro-river
Documentary & Reflection Day Sunday, 13th November Let's meet up for a fun Sunday where we’ll reflect over the climate change. http://esnporto.org/events/documentary-reflection-day


In the meantime, here's a small video to feel inspired: