Hey there curious learners,

Do you want to learn a new language whilst making new friends and meeting fellow Erasmus students?!

ESN Porto brings you the perfect activity for that...



Tandem - International Women’s Day

8th March 9.30pm @ Nice Way Hostel Porto


So what’s a Tandem? It basically works like this: you just show up, no special skills required, bring your good mood and an appetite for learning!

Will also have a special theme for this night. Since is International Women’s Day the ladies will be on the spotlight. We’ll address some issues and share our personal experience in our own countries, so we can better understand the role of women in our society.

You can also have a drink before heading to the party!


Please fill out this FORM so we can know you are coming!


What: Tandem night

Where: Nice Way Hostel Porto (map here)

When: 9:30pm

Price: Free for ESNcard holders


Join us for an awesome night full of learning experiences!


Your friends,

ESN Porto

08/03/2017 - 21:30
  • An ESNcard of this section required.