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Hey guys!

Have you ever been on an insane trip and one of your friends got hurt? Were you at a party and someone had an epilepsy attack? Or were you in the metro and the guy next to you had a heart attack?

This are real life situations and we need to learn how to intervene in the best way possible so we can maybe help save someone’s life! So that’s why ESN Porto brings you…


First Aid and Basic Life Support Workshop

Monday, April 3rd, 6.30pm @ FLUP


This workshop will last 3 hours, more or less, and you’ll have the opportunity to learn a bit about First Aid! You will practice Basic Life Support in adults and children, such as helping someone when choking, how to take care of wounds and much more.

Since there is a limited number of spots available we kindly ask you to fill this FORM!


When: April 3rd, 6.30pm

Where: Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto, room 201 (map here


See you there!

Your Friends,

ESN Porto

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Hey guys!

Have you just arrived to this incredible city and you’d like to get to know all its iconic places? What about doing it and also have the chance to meet new people?

Night Walk and Photo Contest
Postponed: Thursday, 16th February, 9.30pm @ Reitoria

We will start our adventure in front of Reitoria and we will visit the most important places in Porto and the ESN member will tell you some information about what you are visiting and tell you their stories and funny facts

But there’s more…

If you like to photograph, we have an extra activity specially prepared for you: a Photo Contest, including a series of fun photographic challenges!  You are welcome to bring your camera / smartphone and the ESN members we’ll be judging the best photographer. There will be 3 winners and they will receive a surprise prize!

We’ll end the night near the river, with an amazing view over Porto

Be prepared for a fun evening and don’t forget to bring your camera and your ESNcard. An ESNcard is required for this activity, so you should get yours at ESN Porto office.

Because of the rain, this event was postponed for Thursday, 16th February, at 9.30pm. If you are coming on Thursday, please fill this new FORM to let us know you are coming!

Meeting point: 9pm in Reitoria

Map here: 

Your friends,

ESN Porto

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Fill the FORM!


Hey Youth,

Looking for what to do in your future? Miss having new experiences?

Have you heard about ERASMUS+ Programme? You have, but are still curious? Have you ever participated in a Mobility Programme outside or inside of Europe: European Volunteer Service, Training Courses, Student Mobility… ? Do you know what is formal, informal and non-formal Education?

Yes, no, more or less ...doesn’t matter!

Erasmus Student Network Porto (ESN Porto) and Erasmus + Student and Alumni Association (ESAA) invite you to participate in the


Mobility Day

November 19th, Saturday @ Various places in Porto!


The event will present the ERASMUS + program and the opportunities for mobility throughout life, through meetings held at various points of the city, between which participants can move from with bicycles provided by us.


Mobility Day Route:

9h00: Meeting Point - Bikes @ Lopes & Lopinhos

9h30-11h00: Group A "Competences through Non-Formal Education" @ Contrabando Espaço Associativo

9h30-11h00: Group B "Erasmus +, Sports and Formal Education" @ Porto University Rectorate

Coffee Break & Change of Session

12h00-13h30: Group B "Competences through Non-Formal Education" @ Contrabando Espaço Associativo

12h00-13h30: Group A "Erasmus +, Sports and Formal Education" @ Porto University Rectorate

Coffee Break

15h00-16h30: Session "Lifelong Learning" @ Jardins do Palácio de Cristal

Barbecue @ Passeio das Virtudes


The confirmed speakers so far are:

Agência Nacional Erasmus+ (speaker to be confirmed)

Casa da Juventude de Amarante (Miguel Pinto, Management and Coordination)

ESN Minho (Miguel Barros, Responsible for Mobility Programmes)

Geoclube (Marta Reis, member of the Board)

Move.T+ (speaker to be confirmed)

WACT - We Are Changing Together (Ricardo Moura, Trainer)

Testimonials (Participants of various mobility programmes)


And in the end you will have the possibility to come to a barbecue we have organized for all participants of the sessions!

For more details about the location and descriptions of the sessions keep checking this page or contact

All sessions are for free but registration in our FORM is mandatory.


Become a part of the international youth and travel the world! We will be waiting for you!



Preenche a FORM!


Olá Jovem!

À procura de algo para fazer no futuro? Sentes necessidade de conhecer gente nova e ter novas experiências?

Já ouviste falar do programa Erasmus+? Sim, mas queres saber mais? Já participaste num programa de mobilidade dentro ou fora da Europa: Serviço de Voluntariado Europeu, Training, Mobilidade de Estudos...? Sabes o que é educação formal, informal e não-formal?

Sim, não, um pouco... não interessa!

A Erasmus Student Network Porto (ESN Porto) e a Erasmus + Student and Alumni Association (ESAA) convidam-te a participar no...


Mobility Day

Sábado, 19 de Novembro @ Vários locais no Porto


O evento irá apresentar o programa Erasmus + e as oportunidades de mobilidade ao longo da vida, através de conversas em vários pontos da cidade, entre os quais os participantes se poderão movimentar com bicicletas providenciadas por nós.


Rota do Mobility Day:

9h00: Ponto de encontro – Bicicletas @ Lopes & Lopinhos

9h30-11h00: Grupo A "Competências através de Educação Não-Formal" @ Contrabando Espaço Associativo

9h30-11h00: Grupo B "Erasmus +, Desporto e Educação Formal" @ Porto University Rectorate

Coffee Break e Troca de Sessões

12h00-13h30: Grupo B "Competências através de Educação Não-Formal" @ Contrabando Espaço Associativo

12h00-13h30: Grupo A "Erasmus +, Desporto e Educação Formal" @ Porto University Rectorate

Coffee Break

15h00-16h30: Grupo C "Aprendizagem ao Longo da Vida" @ Jardins do Palácio de Cristal

Barbecue @ Passeio das Virtudes


Os oradores confirmados até ao momento são:

Agência Nacional Erasmus+ (orador a confirmar)

Casa da Juventude de Amarante (Miguel Pinto, Gestão e Coordenação)

ESN Minho (Miguel Barros, Responsável pelos Programas de Mobilidade)

Geoclube (Marta Reis, Dirigente Associativa - Membro da Direção do Geoclube)

Move.T+ (orador a confirmar)

WACT - We Are Changing Together (Ricardo Moura, Trainer)

Testemunhos (Participantes em diversos programas de mobilidade)


No final terás a possibilidade de vir a um barbecue que organizámos para todos os participantes das sessões!

Para mais detalhes sobre localizações vai visitando esta página para actualizações ou contacta

Todas as sessões são grátis mas o registo na nossa FORM é obrigatório.


Torna-te parte da juventude internacional e viaja pelo mundo! Estamos à tua espera!

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Hey football fans!
It's almost the middle of the Welcome Month so by now it's time to show you what FC Porto is all about! If you love football you will be overwhelmed with the grandiosity of this club. 
Since 1893, FC Porto has given a lot of joy to the fans, counting many victories in major competitions. Under José Mourinho we won the UEFA Cup and the UEFA Champions League in consecutive years. Under André Villas Boas we dominated the UEFA Europa League. In the domestic league the last 30 years have been undoubtedly controlled by the men in white and blue. 
Now, we give you the chance to see first hand all of the people, stories and trophies that made FCPorto the biggest club of the 21st century in Portugal.

VISIT TO FCPORTO MUSEUM @ 14th September 16h15

For just 5,50€ you can visit the beautiful museum with art pieces from renowned portuguese artist, 27 themed areas and 171 trophies in exhibition. Plus, this is the same day as our UCL match against FC Copenhaguen, so you'll be able to feel the pre-game athmosphere as we go. You'll also be given a 10%  discount in all FC Porto store products. 
Meeting Point: In front of the Museum at 16h15.
Bring your ESNcard and register at the ESN Office until the 12 of September. Limited spot available!
Don't miss it!! 
Your friends,
ESN Porto
14/09/2016 - 16:15
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