Dear Fellow travellers,
To start your journey in Portugal, we will take you to a place known as the "heart" of Portugal! Do you know why? It is where Portugal was born!
Our first Portuguese king,  D. Afonso Henriques, was born in GUIMARÃES and he started the conquer of our great country there!! We’ll show you the historical center of the city where we can visit two very important monuments, Castelo de Guimarães (castle) and Paço dos Duques (palace). The Historic Center of Guimarães is classified World Heritage by UNESCO since 2001 and it’s a mandatory place to visit in Portugal! Last but not least, we’ll travel by cable car until Serra da Penha where we’ll enjoy a great view through the city until the ocean!
Are you sure you want to miss this great trip??
Saturday, 17th of February
08h30 - Meeting point at Reitoria
10h00 - Arrival to Guimarães: Visit Castelo de Guimarães and Paço dos Duques
13h00 - Free time for lunch
14h30 - City tour around Guimarães
16h00 - Visit to Serra da Penha (travel in cable car)
18h00 - Arrival to Porto
What’s included?
  • Transportation
  • Entrances in Castelo de Guimarães, Paço dos Duques, city tour to Guimarães and cable car travel.
What should you bring?
  • Comfortables shoes
  • ESNcard and registration ticket
  • Lunch (optional)
  • Passport/ID
Price: 12€
Registrations at the office. The ESN Office is open from 14:30 to 18:00 and if you want, you can register two friends but you need their ESNcard number and you need to pay their fee. After registration, if you need to cancel the trip you must do it until ?? of February to get your money back. In that case, contact us to info@esnporto.
Your friends,
ESN Porto


17/02/2018 - 08:30