Hello veggie lovers,
  • Did you ever get that feeling when you tell someone you’re vegetarian and they just ask: “All you eat is salad, right?"
  • Or maybe you just like veggies more than meat or fish?
  • Or you are just truly curious to know how all those good looking vegetarian food taste like?

We have the perfect answer for either of these questions! Let’s show that food doesn’t need meat to be absolutely tasty and delicious. We invite you to the...

Veggie Cook Off
Thursday, 23rd November @ Bluesock Hostel Porto


We know there are a lot of veggie friendly Erasmus out there, so we just prepared this activity thinking of you guys!

Bring all your friends (vegetarian, vegan or not) and show off amazing cooking skills unrelated to beef, so the curious ones finally try a delicacy prepared with no meat!

You are all invited to take the dust out of those cookbooks and impress everyone with the power of broccoli! And yes you need to cook to impress because on the end the best dish will receive an amazing prize!

You can bring whatever you want, starters, main dish, dessert, it is really up to you, just bear in mind to bring enough to share!

Please just fill out this FORM so we know you are coming!

When: Thursday, 23rd November 20h30
Where: Bluesock Hostel (map)
Price: Free

P.S.: Bare in mind, there's a bar service in the hostel so just bring food, not drinks!
Drink prices:
  • 1 Beer - 1,50€
  • 6 Beers - 7,50 € (1 Beer for free)
Your friends,
ESN Porto
23/11/2017 - 20:30
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