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To participate in ESN activities, you must buy an ESNcard here, after registering you will get an e-mail to proceed with the payment. It will cost you 15€, with our t-shirt included and it is valid for one year. Our ESNcard allows you to benefit from lots of national and international discounts with our partners. You must bring a photo of yourself (passport type) when you come to the office to pick up your ESNcard.


Part of the amazing Erasmus experience is the possibility of making new friends and learn about new cultures and languages. Join us in our online Tandem and come feel all of this in once! 

A Tandem is an activity in which you have the opportunity to make new international friends while learning and teaching some basics of other languages, including Portuguese and your mother tongue!

We have numerous games, challenges and prizes prepared for you in order to give you a very nice and fun evening! After all, laughter is a universal language!


What: Tandem with Buddies

When: Wednesday, 3rd of March, at 21h

Where: Online, through Zoom

Price: Free!


So, don’t be shy and come show us the polyglot you are! Invite your ESNbuddies to join us and get to know them for the first time if you haven’t done it yet!


Fill out this form (LINK) to register in this event!


Your polyglot friends,

ESN Porto